In-Wall™ Systems

The In-Wall™ system provides simple design flexibility for windows, corners, stepped footings, beam pockets, etc. It produces conventional, aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior appearance. A total wall thickness of 9 ½ inches with provisions for attaching drywall, containing insulation, plumbing and wiring.

The In-Wall™ system makes the basement a dry, healthy, non allergenic, comfortable living space. And it can be used above ground as well!

Why Use Precast/Fieldcast, In-Wall™ Composite Wall Panels?

  • Speedy construction
  • Reduces on-site concrete requirements by up to 70%
  • Easy to erect foundation wall system
  • Cost competitive with poured concrete or block wall foundations
  • Energy efficient, environmentally friendly
  • Full 8 foot finished interior height


Clearly, the In-Wall™ foundation system is the builder's choice for the future!